Q: What are your summer vacation plans?

By Matthew Bartow

Q: What are your summer vacation plans?


Jade Skiff

“I’m going to Fort Lauderdale in July and Miami in August. My sister, mom, and I are going to go to Universal and SeaWorld in Miami, and we’ll sightsee for the rest of the time.”

Jade Skiff, 18
Business management



Bryce Boudrie

“I’m going to Rose City to see my dad and family up there. When I’m there, I plan to go shooting at a firing range. I might also go to Cocoa Beach in Florida.”

Bryce Boudrie, 18
General studies



Eric Potter

“I am working all summer, so I have nothing planned right now, other than staying on a lake in Brighton on some weekends. If I did take a vacation, I’d go somewhere warm and not in Michigan.”

Eric Potter, 20
Business management



Kyle Lowrey

“I don’t know about vacation plans, but I will be working on music projects this summer, including working on an album.”

Kyle Lowrey, 22
Music engineering


Kathleen Moore

“After I finish classes, I’m going on a mission trip with my youth group to Milwaukee, where we plan to do community service. It’s going to be fun!”

Kathleen Moore, 16



Imani Keel

“I’ll be going to the Hamptons [New York] to visit with my cousins. I’ll also be coaching youth soccer in Florida this summer.”

Imani Keel, 21
Liberal arts



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