Voice Box: What’s your accomplishment this school year?

By Danny Villalobos
Staff Writer

Q: What’s your accomplishment this school year?


Ben Cossey

“I have redefined my late relationship with internet media in such a way, in what was once a toxic and unproductive relationship has significantly become more productive and useful to my life and career goals.”

Ben Cossey, 24
Computer science



Alya Tighe

“I worked on my classes to get my associates.”

Alya Tighe, 18
Computer science



Maya Welch

“I got a 100 percent on my ancient history exam.”

Maya Welch, 16
WTMC liberal arts transfer



“I got over my fear of presenting in public.”

Ndundu Deborah Mbala Nkanga, 19


Oliver Rotz

“I maintained a 3.6 GPA while taking 16 credits.”

Oliver Rotz, 17
WTMC general math and science



Jacob McDaniels

“I was featured in the advance performance ensemble. I played guitar and performed Pink Floyd’s “Run Like Hell.” I also got onto the front page of the Washtenaw Voice… that was awesome.”

Jacob McDaniels, 17
WTMC computer systems tech



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