Hockey profile: Justin McComas

McComas with teammate Kevin Cjzach

McComas (left) with teammate Kevin Cjzach (right). Emily Hubbel | Washtenaw Voice

“Hockey is a big part of my family because all of my cousins who I am close with got me into it and we played and won championships. I’m the only one who stuck with it.”

Hometown: Belleville/Port Huron/Sarnia area, MI.

Teams: Canton Crush, Victory Honda, Belleville Varsity, Ann Arbor storm, Belletire, Washtenaw, soon to be CMU.

Nick name: Crosby

Age started playing hockey: 7

Big WCC moment: Hat trick in debut.

Future Hockey and school plans: CMU hockey, Degree in Sports Management.

Position: Center

Major: Sports Management or Business.

Duration at WCC: 2 years.

Personal Stats: 12G 14A in 14 total games.

Hobbies/Interests: All sports, and on-ice and off-ice workouts.

“Coach is very influential to a team’s success, has to have the right balance between intimidating and friendly…and know their team’s high points and low points.”



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