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This fall and winter, the CORE Garden grew spinach, lettuces, kale, beets and collard greens in the hoop; the CORE Garden has welcomed 175 students to date. “CORE stands for Campus Orchard Rejuvenating Energy,” according to their website

This fall and winter, the CORE Garden grew spinach, lettuces, kale, beets and collard greens in the hoop; the CORE Garden has welcomed 175 students to date. “CORE stands for Campus Orchard Rejuvenating Energy,” according to their website

By Brittany Dekorte
Deputy Editor
and Chanel Stitt & Suni Jo Roberts
Staff Writers

Clubs at WCC kicked off 2017 with a recent Club Day in February. Below, we spotlight a few of the new clubs at WCC.

Garden Club

The Garden Club began planting true Italian arugula and bolero carrot seeds to start the growing process on Feb. 27. This cycle begins every year with a variety of vegetables, herbs and spices.

The farm is all organic, with no pesticides being used. Students in garden club will be able to learn tips for at-home gardens along with learning the basics of where food comes from leading to the culinary program.

Some features include gardening tools that were donated, a seeder, a house made by the wood shop, and a beehive to help pollinate all of the plants. It is possible that they might be able to have a chicken coop in the future for the culinary program and garden club members to have fresh eggs.

The garden is taken care of by team members who have specific jobs within the garden along with anyone who wants to join.

“I feel like it brings people together,” Brittany Moore, a team member of the garden club, said.

The Garden Club meets every Tuesday at the Core Garden from 4–5 p.m. This is located behind the facilities building.

Production Portfolio Club

The Production Portfolio Club is an eclectic group, pulling in students from any and all artistic programs; graphic design, music, video and much more.

Justin Godfrey liberal arts transfer and music certificate student, on track for performing arts technology degree at U-M is the president of the Production Portfolio Club.

“This club is meant to be interdepartmental, between all the performing arts and graphic arts programs. It’s for collaboration for all art students to promote themselves with whatever media, whatever medium they are producing, to focus on putting together portfolios and resumes,” Godfrey said.

The club is taking ideas for projects to work on, and is encouraging students to come and ask for help and ideas. Right now, they have a few feelers out for what to work on: A possible summer concert, website projects, and possibly an art gallery in march with human statues.

The Production Portfolio Club meets every Friday from 4–7 p.m. in TI 108. Professor Joseph Daniel is the adviser for the Production Portfolio Club.

Music Production Club

The Music Production Club has a similar goal as the Production Portfolio Club, but with a more fine-tuned focus. In fact, there is a large overlap between the members of both the Music Production Club and the Production Portfolio Club.

Nickolas Giese is the Music Production Club president. “Right now we’re working on a remix of a ‘Dead Mau5’ song. We would like to get in touch with people who are doing video projects to help with soundtracks and things like that,” Giese said.

Justin Godfrey is also in the Music Production Club. According to Godfrey, several students from music production certificate program felt they were learning a lot, but not practically applying their skills enough. “This is a way to collaborate and see about actually producing music. This club is more audio specific, music specific, and focused on recording arts. We focus on writing music, or improving ‘music theory chops’,”Godfrey said.

The Music Production Club meets every Friday from 4–5 p.m. in TI 110. Professor Michael Naylor is the adviser for the Music Production Club.

Pre-Law Club

The Pre-Law club at WCC offers their biweekly study sessions and field trips to the capital.

The club’s three officers: Charlette Mason, Tara Mickles and Jennifer Baumgartner, all studying paralegal/pre-law studies at WCC, started this club for students to help each other with their studies while also giving them opportunities to network within the community.

“The whole purpose was to get a connection of students in the same courses,” Charlette Mason, president of the Pre-Law club said. “The teachers always said ‘ask your classmates first’. We are able to make that connection outside of our classes.”

Tara Mickles, vice president of the club, said the number of students who attend the study sessions vary, but as many as ten students have showed up.

Mickles and Mason both agree this club provides needed help for students struggling with certain legal concepts. Because Mickles and Mason are in their last semester, they are able to assist students with legal concepts they’ve already learned.

In addition to the study groups, the group has taken trips, with more planned in the future, that relate to legal topics. They also plan to volunteer in the community.

The club has recently taken a trip to University of Michigan Law Library. They have plans to volunteer, with the home building volunteer organization and Habitat for Humanity, being mentioned as a possibility. They also are making plans to take trip to Washington, D.C. to watch congress later in the year.

“We have a lot of fun here,” Mickles said.

The Pre-Law club meets twice a week in LA 138 on Monday from 6–8 p.m. and on Wednesday from 7–9 p.m.



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