Women’s marches

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by Suni Jo Roberts

Deputy Editor

Mobilizing nearly 5 million people worldwide for the women’s marches, protesters in Michigan are continuing the momentum and planning Women’s March Michigan 2018: Power to the Polls, on the one year anniversary on Jan. 21, 2018.

Citizens against hate, intolerance and bigotry will gather at the Capitol steps in Lansing and in sister marches around the state to support a list of causes listed on their website, womensmarchmichigan.org.

Over 3,000 people plan to attend and 17,000 are interested in the march according to the Facebook event.

Among causes listed on the website is raising the minimum wage, combating gerrymandering in Michigan, streamlining voter registration, promoting immigration and refugee resettlement, and peacefully demonstrating to oppose hate crimes and violence.

The marches website brings attention to the fact that less than 25 percent of Michigan’s legislature is made up of women. In order for women to be represented in government, they must run and be elected to office. A goal of the march and ongoing activism of the movement is to encourage women to run for office.

See womensmarchmichigan.org for more information on marches taking place around Michigan in January.



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