VoiceBox: New Year’s resolutions edition

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? If so, what were they and if not, why not?

by Charlotte Young Bowens
Staff Writer


SarahKahnNo, I do not have any resolutions but I feel like I should. Everytime I set one, I don’t keep it. And when I say it out loud or tell other people, I’m less likely to keep it. I don’t want to disappoint myself.

Sarah Kahn
22, social work




No, I don’t. Why wait until the beginning of the year when I can set goals throughout the year?

Kurt Neikart
34, nursing




MarquesDavisYeah, I want to continue to eat healthy, I’ll keep trying to stop smoking and study more. I want to be more adamant about my resolutions.

Marques Davis
33, PTA




I did not make any solid resolutions because I don’t feel you should make time constraints on your growth.

Heather Duvall
21, liberal arts transfer



KaylaGrahamI didn’t make any new resolutions because I don’t usually stick to them. But I do want to swim more, more so to stay in shape and to tryout for the swim team when I transfer.

Kayla Graham
19, undecided





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