VoiceBox: 01/22/2018

White Supremacist Richard Spencer of the Alt-Right Movement has made a request to hold an event on the University of Michigan’s campus, do you think this should be allowed? If so, why? If not, why?

by Charlotte Young Bowens

Staff Writer

studentIt depends on what he is speaking about. I feel that if he’s talking about white supremacy, then that’s definitely not OK because that’s not something that you want to promote. If it has nothing to do with that, then it could be a little bit more accepted. But it’s never really a good thing to promote someone who has those type of ideas.

Cassandra Wollack

16, WTMC

Vardan SargsyanI think regardless of whether or not I agree with him or not, he should be able to speak because as soon as we decide which ideas are right or wrong, we’re eliminating the whole point of free speech. The whole point, however foolish the idea you have, you want to be able to articulate it, so as a democratic society we begin to discuss it.

Vardan Sargsyan

20, graphic design

Lindsey TurekI would say no, because I just don’t feel like there is place for a white supremacist movement, especially on a college campus where everyone is diverse and have their opinions known. It would be a polarizing topic to have on campus; there’s no place for it why give him a voice?

Lindsey Turek

27, radiology

Nisha Harris-DixonRegarding racism and seeing that I’m colored, it can’t be anything positive. What could he possibly say? Considering he’s a white supremacist, I don’t think they should allow him to speak. If he’s going to help us and we can all come together, then yes, but if it’s going to be negative, then no.

Sharne Simmons

29, business management

I don’t think it would be appropriate. If it’s not meant for all students, then no.

Nisha Harris-Dixon

20, psychology


Nick YonishiYes, I think so. He’s still a person and some people may not believe in what he does.

Nick Yonishi

22, pipefitters



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